2-Ferris/Snapper Pro 5022917

Two brand new Kelch remote fuel gauges for Snapper Pro and Ferris models. Kelch makes all the OEM fuel gauges for Snapper Pro and Ferris. These new Kelch gauges have the latest updated floats. Floats are much more impervious to Ethanol/Alcohol for longer life. These new gauges are OEM Snapper Pro and Ferris part number: 5022917 The gauges fit the following Snapper Pro Models:  S125XT, S150X, S150XT, S175X, S200X, S200XT These gauges fit the following Ferris models: F50XT, F150XT, F200XT, IS500Z, IS600Z, IS700Z, IS1500Z, IS1500ZX, IS2000Z, IS3100Z, IS4500Z, IS5100Z Series, etc. These new remote fuel gauges are made by the Kelch Corporation, the OEM manufacturer of all new Snapper Pro, and Ferris gauges. Gauges come complete with new grommet, ready to use. Any questions, email us, or call the office at 517 787 0477.

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