• Brand new Electric Yellow fast flow fuel line kit.
  • Fast flow fuel line is a poly blend with additives to resist fuel, alcohol, ethanol and solvents.
  • Fast flow is real gas line, not surgical tubing.
  • This kit includes 7′ of Electric Yellow 1/4″ I.D. fast flow fuel line, and four clamps.
  • Refresh your fuel line and give your vehicle a custom look.
  • We have the fast flow fuel line available in many colors including the following:
  • Translucent Smoke, Translucent Pink, Electric Red, Electric Green, Electric Orange, Electric Yellow, Electric Blue and Translucent Purple.
  • All fast flow fuel line is translucent, so you can see the fuel inside of it.
  • If you need a different length of fuel line, contact us, as we have it in 500′ rolls.
  • Any questions, please email us or call the shop at 517 787 0477.
  • Fast Flow Fuel Line Facts


    Why should I use Fast Flow Fuel Line? Our fuel line is a proven product that has been in use since 1969. It is still manufactured in the United States. What is the material? Our fuel line is made from a poly blend with additives to resist fuel, solvents, race gas, and oil. It is a real fuel line, not surgical tubing marketed as fuel line. Can I use this fuel line for fuel-injected applications? What is the maximum allowed PSI? This is a low-pressure fuel line. It is not intended for fuel-injected applications. We recommend 15 PSI as the upper limit. Do the neon colors fade? The neon colors will fade when exposed to direct sunlight. We have added a base color to slow the fading effect, however, neon colors will still fade. My unused fuel line has turned dull. What caused this and how can I fix it? The dull finish is caused by the leaching of components used in the manufacturing process. Leaching occurs when the fuel line is exposed to seasonal temperature changes. To restore the shine, simply wipe the line with a clean rag and rubbing alcohol. Our fuel line should not leach when used regularly.

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