6 1/2 inch gas cap for John Deere

Kelch’s newest style 6 1/2″ gas cap works great for John Deere. Kelch gas caps are made proudly in the U.S.A. These gas caps have Kelch’s newest style float rod retention system. Works great on the following John Deere Models: 300, 312, 314, 317, and 400 This gas cap/gauge also fits the LA115 model. If your model John Deere has the longer filler neck (3″ or more) let us know. The longer filler necks require the cap to be tuned for a correct reading. It is always critical that you measure your tank depth. When measuring tank depth, measure from the top of the filler neck threads, straight down to the tank bottom. This gas cap will work on any tank that is at least 6 2/4″ deep. Some models have a couple versions of tanks, and may use a longer cap. Some of the J.D. filler necks have a different thread count, and the cap can end up 180 degrees off when clocking. If that happens, just take the gasket off your old gas cap, and add it to the new one. That should bring it around almost perfect.

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